spring cleaning

I think the change of seasons has got me in the mood to switch up a few things around the house...a little Spring cleaning of sorts. I've already started with a minor closet cleanup and a bit of rearranging but there's definitely more that needs to be done! Have you done any Spring cleaning/rearranging? 

Love to organize by color...

I want to bring some texture and pattern into my bedroom...

Love the idea of adding simple white shelves above my desk to display favorite items and easily swap them out...

And lastly, bring in some fresh flowers...

images via my pinterest


  1. Love the colorful images (isn't Pinterest the greatest?). The white bookshelves are perfect for those of use that like to mix it up. I just started a series 'on my dressing' table. So I've been in the same mood to change it up for spring. Cheers, Heather

  2. The flowers of the last photo are amazing!

  3. Great ideas! We just put some floating shelves in my kitchen. So excited to get them done so I can display all my lovelies on them! ;)

    Much Love,

  4. I think texture is so important! I just recently added more of it and it really makes a difference in giving a room that extra effect :)

    love your closet! a desk space like that one is my next project!



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