neon skinnies

I am really into brights right now and really want to incorporate more color into my otherwise pretty drab wardrobe (think lots of gray, taupe, black and other neutrals). There is nothing wrong with neutrals but they can get a little bit boring after a while so I would love to mix it up with a bit of color. Im sure you have seen the endless number of cute bright skinnies in stores everywhere...I saw all kinds of cute colored j brand's at bloomies. Im loving the look for Spring, I just don't know which color? Which color is your favorite? 

images via my pinterest


  1. I'm with you on this Lily! Love the pictures!
    Let's go colorful this spring/summer!

  2. i love this look i just feel like my thighs are tooo big

  3. I have tried on two pairs of neon green jeans and I am really weary of committing. It's kind of like wearing white jeans, your legs need to be pretty skinny so I am going to try to tone up a little more before buying them!! We'll see if that happens ;)

  4. I'm in love with this tipe of trousers. I like all of them


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