A Juju hat has been on my "wish list" for a while now and I haven't been able to stop thinking about them lately. I am pretty sure I need one immediately...it would be great over the bed! Or in the office...or anywhere! Isn't it the most perfect boho chic art accessory? Any good Juju sources?

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austin TX

I am off to Austin Texas this weekend and I am SO looking forward to it. Any recommendations of delicious restaurants and fabulous places to shop? Happy Friday!

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On my mind this week...
giant sunnies

the perfect mix

dream dress available here

I'll take them all, thanks

chanel & celine...I'll take these too!

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Grumpy cat for Prada? Perfect for a Monday morning! Happy Monday!

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my morning starship + gold and gray jewelry

Another fabulous post by my gorgeous friend Tess on her blog My Morning Starship! I am thrilled to see Tess wearing gold & gray jewelry...it looks just perfect on her! Oh and she has photos of some pretty cute little ponies too! Stop by her blog to see more.

XO Lily 


spring cleaning - closets

I have been having that dreaded feeling of having "nothing to wear" recently and I just can't stand it. When this happens I know that its time to go through the closet and do a good clean out...this time around its just in time for Spring cleaning! I am SO looking forward to a good clean out and actually being able to see what I have and do want to wear oh and then add in a few new pieces of course!


closet cleaning tips via damsel in dior

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to & from - Spring 2013

SO excited to see gold & gray jewelry Labradorite & Shark Tooth necklace featured as an editor's pick in the new Spring issue of to & from! Thank you Meg Biram and Katie too! Be sure to check out the rest of the issue...lots of pretty things!

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Thinking peaceful thoughts for Boston today...

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pretty peonies

It's almost that time of the year again...time for peonies! One of my very most favorite times of the year. They are just so so pretty aren't they? What color do you like best, pink or white peonies? Tough choice. Im not too picky, I will take either!

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print love

I am love love loving this print from Society 6 by Sarah Sherman Samuel. Need to add this to my office ASAP!

Happy happy Friday!

XO Lily 

PS Congratulations to Lindsey Minnick, the winner of the gold & gray spike necklace on Small Shop

If you weren't the lucky winner but still want the necklace for yourself, you can use the code "smallshop25" at checkout to save 25% off your purchase! 


a bit under the weather

I have been fighting off a cold for almost a week now and today I woke up feeling even worse. Forgive me while I rest today. Here are some cozy photos in the meantime...

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Inspiration for the week...
spring pink

um, how cute are these? obsessed 

love that it is almost time for warm nights

is it time for peonies yet?

words for the week

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gold and gray jewelry + small shop giveaway

Um how gorgeous does Erika from Small Shop look in her gold & gray jewelry gold spike necklace? I am obsessed with the photos that Erika shot while in Hawaii last week...seriously she is model status. Be sure to check out Small Shop to enter for a chance to win a gold & gray jewelry gold spike necklace!

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metallic cowhide

Thinking of adding a metallic cowhide rug to my dining room area. I think its a great neutral piece that would also add nice texture to the room. Part of me doesn't like the idea of having a cowhide because its a cow hide but its just so pretty in metallic. Thoughts?

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