planet blue perfection

Planet Blue has the perfect luxe hippie boho vibe going on. Every time I step into one of their stores or shop online, I immediately want to clear out my entire wardrobe and fill it up with all of their fabulous clothing. I don't know what it is about the "glam" hippie boho look that gets me every time but it really is one of my very favorite things. I think its the casual, looks like I threw it on in a few minutes-yet still manage to look fabulous and chic look that I love so much. Planet Blue manages to pull together the entire idea pretty much perfectly. Which one is your favorite? Happy Friday!!

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shine on

Its that time of year again...time to start bringing back out the sparkle. Okay so maybe the holidays aren't that close yet, but I am getting excited at the idea of wearing all my sparkle and jeweled things again (most of them are tucked away during the summer). I mean, I never really get tired of glitter and jewels but its probably not the most summer-y of looks. Don't worry though, thats all changing as we speak! My fave way to wear sparkles is probably a sequined top or jacket, a clutch, sparkle nails and of course jewelry (definitely not all at once though)! What is your favorite way? 

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walk in dreaming

Its been a while since I've put together a "dream" closet post so I thought it would be fun to do another. Really, who doesn't love looking at fabulous closets? I think I could stare at these photos over and over again and not get tired of them. I can only dream of living in a place with a closet large enough to be completely organized and so that mostly everything can be visible (makes it much easier when getting dressed)! While I guess my closet could be considered a "walk-in", there's not much space once your in there (pretty much step in and step out). And while we are talking about dream closets, how about a few dream items to fill up that closet? What is your closet like?

Dream Picks
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all black all the time

Black on black on black on black always manages to work and look fabulous and its a sure way to look chic. Usually not a go-to look during the Summer, but what better time to bring back out your favorite black ensemble? While I wouldn't go quite as far as saying I feel the same about all black interiors-touches of black do look very chic...especially when paired with white and metallics. Definitely a go to look for me in the Fall and Winter. And looks especially great when its different textures of black. I mean, how fabulous do these ladies look? Do you rock the black on black on black look? Or is it too dark for you? 

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top five-falling in

With Fall officially here I am completely ready to embrace the cooler weather...a lot has to do with the fact that my Summer tan is quickly fading and I am ready to cover up with cozy sweaters and leather jackets! Oh and boots, I cant wait to start wearing my favorite boots again. It is still pretty warm here in LA but it is getting cooler at night and I did manage to wear a few light sweaters over the weekend (its a start)! I also cant wait for cooler nights so I can cozy up at home with my favorite blankets, lots of candles and homemade soup. What is your very most favorite thing about Fall?

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