extra knotty

My week is off to a bit of a late start but it was just one of those kinds of weekends. Spent the weekend trying to catch up with tons of school work. Anyways, a little while back I mentioned wanting to experiment more with actually doing my hair and creating some cute hairstyles, well I haven't gotten much farther than messing around with the "top knot". Its actually very flattering and comfortable too...oh and easy (thats a very important part of all this). Have you tried the top knot? I am still determined to master the perfect wave...that will be saved for another day though! 

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  1. ive been trying to master my top knots. fail :(

  2. I have no idea how to do my hair so when I'm trying to look "fancy", I just do this. It makes my head hurt a little but I love a top knot!!! xoxoxo Elizabeth oh and thanks for the sweet comment today!!!

  3. I have been wearing my hair in messy buns for as long as I can remember....now they are stylish!

  4. Love the look. Casual yet chic at the same time! xo

  5. I've attempted this look, but don't think I can pull it off well. I love it nonetheless.

  6. I have been taking full advantage of the top knot trend! I've actually slept in a top knot and it holds up surprisingly well for the next day:)

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