winter wishes

Its been a few years now since I have taken a trip to the snow and I think its about time to change that. Obviously it NEVER snows here in Los Angeles so I must get out of town to get my snow fix...Big Bear and Mammoth are both easy to get to from LA. I love being in a cabin in the snow with a nice warm fire and lots of cozy blankets. And its the perfect excuse to pull out the warm winter coats and heavy sweaters that I rarely get to put to use (it has been pretty chilly these past few days by LA standards though). Anyways, a little snow trip is on my list of winter break wishes...can you tell that I am counting down the days until winter break? One week left, just have to get through finals!

images via my pinterest



  1. Can I tell you how much I love that photo of the girl in her fur in the snow? Can that be me right now? Actually, I'm not a huge fan of being IN the snow, I just want to look at it! So LA is probably a good place for me. And when I need a fix, I'm lucky to have family with a cabin in Arrowhead. It's really pretty up there, I recommend it - and closer than BB or Mammoth.

  2. I LOVE the second girls outfit here! So beautiful - you always have the best inspiration pictures :)


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