hermes h

The Hermes avalon blanket is one of the most iconic, classic and chic pieces around. How can it not "make" any room that its in? The blanket will literally work in any room you put it in and obviously adds a whole lot as well! I love the orange and pink combo but the classic gray and black combos are fabulous as well. Its a piece on my "forever wish list". Is it on your wish list as well? 

images via my pinterest


  1. A gray and white Hermes blanket...yes please!!

  2. Definitely! I bought one two years ago and sold it when I needed some quick cash - it is a big regret that I did. Get one and keep it forever; it elevates any space that it is in!
    -e (modern24seven)

  3. Great minds think alike! I have this on my wish list for Savvy Home today (amongst other elaborate items). Love the photos you found! So much inspiration here. I think I would want the black...classic!

  4. This is my dream piece. At the first chance I get, I want to go buy myself one. I guess it gives me time to decide between the orange or the grey :)


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