so haute

Finals week has begun which means I am in full on study, make flashcards and write papers mode (not really the most fun place to be). But luckily in one week it will all be over with! So please excuse my lack of posts and comments but its been a bit crazy the past few weeks. Im taking my first final today. So heres a short post with some pretty pictures of Nicole Gibbons home from So Haute as seen on the glitter guide. Isn't it cute? I thought so. 


  1. I love everything about it! I have a gold pineapple just like that one..I used mine in my Christmas decor this year. Excited about your blog! Good luck with exams!

  2. Gorgeous! I love every detail. Good luck on your finals. My hunny is doing the same...


  3. I've always loved her space. Just enough color and details to be fab, but still feels soft and neutral.

    Good luck with finals!

  4. Yes! My fave is the dining room shot, with all that layered art leaning against the wall.

  5. It's lovely! "Very Domino", and I like that. :)

    agnes @ iiiinspired


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