shoe envy

I never tire of looking at gorgeous shoes...especially fabulous heels. I think I will always live in a dream world and wish I was the type to be able to wear heels every single day. Unfortunately, that doesn't really fit into my real everyday life. Nevertheless, I don't think I will give up that dream! While heels are usually reserved for going out to dinner or some sort of occasion out, I still LOVE them and wish I had a life that warranted wearing heels more often ! Do you wear heels everyday or save them for going out?

images via my pinterest


  1. Major eye candy! I love heels with ripped jeans like the 6th picture. Gorgeous, all of them.

  2. Oh my I love all of these!
    I'm exactly the same where I would love to wear these kind of heels on a daily basis but unfortunately i don't and these images make me wish I could even more!

    Abigail x

  3. Whoaaaaaa, that third pair is insane! I love the velvet Louboutins so much <33

  4. Sick! I am so loving all of the shoes featured! I always try to wear heels when I can. I have a few pairs that are my go to everyday, anyday that don't kill me!


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