Having original artwork in my home has really made all the difference and I never would have thought I would have two gorgeous pieces at this point in my life (seen in the last two photos)...and can't wait to own more ! Do you own any original pieces? Each piece of art truly makes the room it is in. My first piece I have shared before and its from Erin Ashley and my second piece which I have shared as well is from Lindsay Cowles. I love that there are so many relatively affordable original pieces of artwork readily available online. And what about making your own artwork...I have tried painting a few canvases and was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out! Have you made any pieces yourself? Here are some favorites ! 

images via my pinterest


  1. you always manage to find the best piccies - lovely post again xxx


  2. That second to last painting is yours? Oh, I love it! I am also inspired to put my brush to canvas and try out making my own. xo

  3. i think the 4rd is by my friend sally benedict...right?

  4. i couldn't agree more! having original artwork in your house makes all the difference. i went to school for studio art so i have lots of my own stuff around the house, but i've started collecting other people's art as i've gotten older (aka. steady job to pay for them and walls to hang them on). i love it!

    also, that picture in the middle with the black walls and the pink art is awwwwesome. that color combo couldn't be more perfect!

  5. I don't have any originals yet, but I'm so on top of this!

  6. Love this post Lily!
    Incompletely agree having pieces of original art must make your home feel unique!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Abigail x

  7. All beautiful pieces! I've been looking into some original art so this is perfect and so helpful :)

  8. Marysia...yes it is !! Its gorgeous !

  9. Thanks Lily!! I am so glad that you are loving your piece! I can't imagine a more perfect home for it than yours :)

    Chelsea, if you are interested in more pieces like the second to last piece, please let me know. My blog is www.lindsaycowlesart.blogspot.com. I would love to paint a piece for you!


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