cool days + cool clothes

I am really enjoying the cooler weather, including rain, here in Los Angeles (and wearing the cool weather clothes that go along with it) and am REALLY looking forward to the short week ahead thanks to Thanksgiving! I am SO looking forward to Thanksgiving and a day full of delicious food...what could be better? This weekend will also officially start the holiday season...guess I should start thinking about holiday gifts for real! Hope you had a fabulous weekend, enjoy the short week and Happy Monday!

images via my pinterest


  1. I love all the leather + gold in these photos. Instant chic!

    I started my christmas shopping this weekend...it may or may not have been overshadowed by shopping for myself..whoops ;)

    happy monday!

  2. Love all those photos...I especially want that leather jacket!

  3. I seriously can't get enough of the cool! So glad the weather is finally changing in Southern California.

  4. You know I'm a total Spring and Summer weather kind of gal, but I'm enjoying the crisper weather. It's been nice to bundle up.

    Happy Monday!

  5. in LOVE with that tan vest!
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  6. Can I just have your closet please? I think I would wear everything in it. And I swear you convince me more and more that I need a big black handbag. I usually don't do black for day, but I am quickly changing my mind!!

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