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I know the studded trench was a piece from Burberrys Spring collection but it works just as well in the Fall. I love this edgy take on such a classic piece that everyone should have in their closets. And it would definitely "make" any outfit you paired it with. But what I don't love is the $2000 and up price tag...so how about a DIY? Kirsten at Studs and Pearls did a fabulous DIY...and it doesn't look very difficult! I might just have to try it with gold studs on my Zara trench from last season (not sure I could pull it off though)! Whats your take on the studded trench?

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  1. I love those type of jackets
    This Burberry Jacket is amazing :)
    Check out this outfit by Tamara Ecclestone here
    great post


  2. i think i'm gonna have to try this diy. it's about as fabulous as the original. but i'm definitely going with spiked studs! so cool.

  3. Oh I love it! I'm not sure if I could pull it off but I think it's such a great twist on the classic trench.

  4. Very cool - do it before you have kids! ;o)

  5. It's so perfect for all seasons!
    A Burberry trench is a classic piece that I would love to have!
    The gold studs just make it even more wow!

    Abigail x

  6. Would love to see your trench if you tackle this project! Would be so cool!

  7. i freakin' love this!! the burberry studded trench coat is so badass!! i tried one on at nordstroms one time and they were super crazy heavy on hahaha i wonder if it would give you back problems if you wore it all the time.. although come to think of it if i were really concerned about my back i should probably stop wearing 4+ inch heels on a regular basis bahahah!

  8. I have a trench coat then could use some love. Considering doing this.


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