miu miu + studs

Sneakers are definitely not part of my shoe "wardrobe" (I own two pairs that I'm pretty sure I have had since high school) but the second I laid my eyes on these miu miu studded sneakers, my thoughts were instantly changed. I can just picture the cutest summer outfits...just not sure I'll be running out to drop $495 on sneakers, unfortunately. 
But this got me thinking about a DIY and after some google searching I came across these
Yes, they are converse (not quite miu miu) but I think its a cute idea, especially if done with gold studs!


  1. Ahhh any studded footwear is an obsession of mine... these shoes are no exception - so fab! I could rock some sneakers like these.

  2. Um...I love the Converse's more than the Miu Miu's. But, I love anything with studs!! xoo Elizabeth

  3. I'm digging the converse more than Miu Miu too, and you know I love sparkly things!

  4. I feel the same way about sneakers. I'm not out there scooping up the popular Louboutin and Lanvin versions but these Miu Mius are damn cute, especially the gold glitter ones with huge rhinestones on the toe!

  5. I can't get enough of studs right now! I think I like the DIY even more!

  6. LOVE this, think I'm definitely going to have to DIY some of my own!


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