dream bedrooms & a guest post

Today I am so excited to have Haley from Cardigan Junkie here to share her Dream Bedroom! Check out her great picks and be sure to check out my Dream Bedroom over on Haley's blog!

Hello!  I’m Haley from Cardigan Junkie and I’m so happy to be here today while Lily is filling in over on my blog.  She and I are both big fans of dream decorating even though we have real life budgets, and we hought it would be fun for us each to build our ideal bedroom if budgets (and boys) were not a factor in the decision making.

I share a room with a husband who doesn’t even think headboards are necessary, so it was really fun for me to go nuts creating a girly, relaxing space with a huge bed and fun patterns.

What do you think is the most important feature in a bedroom?  Is there a particular piece that you feel is worth splurging on? 

I had a lot of fun visiting here today, and please stop by and see Lily over at Cardigan Junkie.  I hope you’ll return and see me there, as well!

Thanks so much Haley ! Be sure to check out Haley and her fab blog over at Cardigan Junkie !!



  1. I love that bed and mirrored bedside table!! What a dreamy, modern and calming room. Great board.

  2. Lily! Saw you over at the other blog :) GREAT POST! Went to follow you and duh...I already am! Yay! Love your style :)

  3. We have a headboard but it's a hand-me-down from J's parents--I can't wait to buy our own bedroom furniture! Our biggest splurge will be a King's size bed--we are making do with a Full size which is just ridiculous for two people (especially when one of those people is 6 ft!)

  4. omg i NEED that bed and mirrored table.. they are SO GORGEOUS!

  5. haley, you always find the best rugs!! love this room.

  6. Oh Dwell Studios, how I love thee! Seriously, I always seem to love everything they put out, including their fabulous Tar-jay line...that ikat bedding is calling my name!

  7. Wow, great! :D

    Check out my blog & Follow me if you like it. I'm following back! :)

  8. Love the luxurious look of your dream bedroom...to me it's all about comfort and luxury...the rug is wonderful!
    Claudia xo

  9. I love that you guys have similar taste with the silver! What a lovely bedroom, I'll take it all :)

  10. lovely picks. i wouldnt mind having a bedroom with those pieces, especially the bed. i just love the oversized headboard - such a dramatic effect. xx

  11. I am in love with that bed, so luxe and gorgeous! I think the most important feature in a bedroom is definitely the bed because it's the room natural focal point! All fabulous picks, Haley!


  12. Thanks for the comments ladies! I thought it was funny how similar our rooms were, even though we didn't collaborate on a design and have never met!

    Thanks again for having me, Lily!


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