perfectly pointed

Pointy toe heels seem to be making quite a comeback...maybe they never really went away? Whatever it is, I feel like they are showing up everywhere! I typically go for chunkier platforms or wedges when shopping for heels (maybe for the comfort factor or maybe I think they make my legs look skinnier)...either way these delicate pointy toes have me intrigued. But how can they actually be comfortable? Thoughts? 

images via my pinterest



  1. I usually go for a platform or chunkier heel as well, but I think that is more because they feel less formal to me and that way I'll wear them more often...either way, these are all absolutely gorgeous! I love the ones paired with jeans as well, a fun way to dress up denim!

  2. i like this classic pointy toe. it elongates your legs and slims out your ankles.

    ps: remember when those extraaaa long pointy toes were in? ew.

    1. YES! I do remember...and I think thats why I have thought that I didn't like any pointy toes all this time...


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