colorful abode

How fun is this bright and happy space featured in the new issue of Adore Home magazine? The home belongs to Claudia from Peep My Style (who I wrote about here a little while back) sister-in-law Alice. Can you see a few similarities? Bright colors, happy spaces mixed with some natural elements...

images via Adore Home 



  1. This space really does make me so happy! I love all the pattern mixing. Love it. xo

  2. This is a really cool spin on the "black, white, and brass" look that lots of people have been gravitating to lately (even me, I'll admit). The richer colors really make it look grown up and fun! ~Heather P.

  3. I love it! Not only do I adore the bright colors, but I'm dying over that mirror in the third photo. I can't say that I hate that acrylic chair either! Thanks for sharing!

    xxoo, k



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