flat out

As much as I love a fabulous heel, I tend to stick to flats for day to day wear. And luckily there is no shortage of cute flats out there. My favorites for everyday are repetto's, bloch ballerina flats and of course my Prada bow flats (Im trying not to wear them out too quickly)! What do you choose for everyday? 

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  1. Love this xx


  2. I have a pair of Chanel-esque flats that I love, but I tend to stick to basic black.

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  3. As much as I love the way heels look, I recently decided to retire most of my heels and stick with flats for day-to-day. My feet are bad and its just not worth making them worse! But flats are awesome too and can be very stylish. I usually stick to mary jane flats but I'm loving the neutral ones with the black toes that you posted.

  4. The Chanel town tone bow flats are so on my list! I usually opt for Tory Burch Revas as they are super comfie. But I would love to get a ballerina in a fun color for Spring, like aqua or teal!

  5. alexa chung (that's her, right?) in that bomb red dress and flats is exactly how i'd want to wear a bomb red dress and flats.

    i'm only 5.2 but i live in flats because, let's be honest, i'm normal.

  6. I absolutely love my bloch flats, maybe its the former ballerina in me, but i feel like i have extra pep in my step when i wear them!

  7. I adore flats and I want all of these! My Tori Burch are my fav, but really any of the above is making me happy!

  8. Can't beat a pair of ballet pumps!
    I love them an could wear them all the time!
    Love the Chanel ones.

    Abigail x

  9. I wear these pink Topshop pink ballet flats but I need to new options. I rarely wear heels just to run errands, so flats are much needed.


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