double cuffed

Since piling on bracelets (aka the arm party) is one of my favorite looks, its no surprise that I am a fan of the double cuff look as well! Its definitely a bold statement but I love how chic it looks, especially when paired with jeans (photo 2) or a simple black outfit. How about double cuffs for the ankle? I definitely couldn't pull it off but love it with the Prada's (photo 4). What are your thoughts on double cuffs? Even Coco herself rocked the double cuff look!

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  1. I love those prada ankle cuffs but I can't help thinking of Wonder Woman when I see big double gold cuffs!
    -e (modern24seven)

  2. You always introduce me to new trends! I had no idea this was even a thing! And to know Ms Chanel rocked it too...well, it's a classic statement.

  3. I truly look forward to your postings as they never disappoint, and this one was no exception! Your site is a wonderful treasure trove for ideas and inspiration!

  4. love it!


  5. I like it. It's one of those trends that's kind of counter-intuitive, but it looks so sharp and modern!

  6. Coco Chanel was actually the one who popularized the double cuff look. Those cuffs she is wearing are by Verdura. He was a fabric designer for her, but then she hired him to design her jewelry and throughout his career he designed some of the most iconic jewelry ever.

    Love your blog, by the way, and always love repinning your stuff on Pinterest! :) I feel like I know you through all your pins!

  7. I do love the double cuff option but I'm just not comfortable to wear 2 you're right it is just too bold a statement, I think I'll stick to my one gold cuff :)
    ps love it with the jeans too x

  8. so cool! used this on my photoshoot for 2012
    check it out


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