top five - labor day

Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer and soaking up every single last ray of sun and delicious bbq meal. What are you doing for Labor Day? Oh and as far as no white after labor day...pretty sure ill be keeping it around! I definitely do not follow the "no white after labor day" rule because how can you NOT wear white? I keep it around year round...it goes with everything. Do you? 

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  1. I love that you're breaking the 'no white after Labor Day rule'!
    My mom drilled it into my head that it's just not done. She steered me toward 'winter white' which is pretty but just not the same.
    And I don't want to give up my white jeans so thanks to you, I won't!

  2. j'adore la robe et les Louboutin

    Superbes photos

  3. i'm in nyc just chilling. I love white year round! xox-happy labor day Lily!

  4. I love white. They work in fashion and interiors every time! The dress in the first image is very pretty, by the way!

    Happy Labor Day, Lily!


  5. great pictures! i love white!! esp love those loubontis!


  6. such a great idea for a post. i totally agree with you. white all year long is ok with me. love these pictures. i hope you had an amazing weekend. great post. Would love if you'd check out my tribute to Rachel Zoe in honor of tonight's premier. xoxo



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