fall favs

I am finally getting excited for Fall and cooler weather...especially since the past week or so has been over 100 here in LA. And I am most excited because I am getting SO sick & tired of my summer clothes and feel like I have nothing to wear when getting dressed (worst feeling). I hate standing there staring at all my clothes but not wanting to wear any of them! Im ready to bring out my favorite boots, cozy sweaters and leather jackets. Heres my Fall inspiration roundup !

images via my pinterest


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  1. That hat in the first photo - wow - I LOVE it!
    Fall is my favorite season, both for weather and for fashion, so I am super excited!
    Happy Friday!

  2. These images are making me long for a good chill in the air!

  3. Lovely, I'm with you -- definitely feeling like Fall when I look at your photos. Can't get enough of leopard, black, camel and gold!!

  4. I hear ya! I just got back from LA and I am very much in love with the place! You guys get the best of both worlds with summer-wear + slightly heavier styles minus the snow and ice. Cannot wait to make LA my home! Anyhoo... I think I lost my breath with the gold toed pumps. LOVE. Amazing taste :o)

  5. Oh no, the Fall flu got you too. : )

    I'm just not ready yet. I'm not really good at the whole layering thing and all my outfits end up looking the same. Once it comes, I usually end up adapting I guess.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Fall is my favorite!! Love the hat in the first image :) xx

  7. Those heels actually made my heart skip a beat! *in love* and that orange & black sweater at the end is incredible.
    love your fall roundup!

  8. I'm definitely inspired! I can't wait for Fall weather either! After 60 + days of sweltering heat I definitely feel like my summer clothes are very boring!!

  9. Love this! How stunning is the first photo!?! In need of a hat like this!

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  10. beautiful and inspirational images :)

    Claudia xo

  11. Great inspirational pictures, Lily! Love those leopard print leather bracelets and the outfit in the final picture. They are both gorgeous!

    Happy weekend, girl!


  12. ooohhhh I love those shoes, and that clutch from the last image. Did Tommy Ton take all of these.

  13. omg i love your pinterest pics!!! off to check out your page now!
    xox alison

  14. Damn, those moldings on the ceiling are exactly what my dream home looks like :)

  15. I'm praying for some cool weather too, here it is equally hot & very dry, more like Mojave desert that European Fall... Love those CLs they are so gorg!

  16. I'm obsessed with Pinterest. It is the best. :) All of the images are stunning. I'm dying for the hat in the first pic and the shoes in the second. They are epic.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my fashion blog. I would love for you to stop by Fash Boulevard again soon.


  17. those pumps are amazing! Like, wow, wish I was that stylish.


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