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So my new sofa was delivered yesterday and I LOVE it. One minor thing, I ordered a bench cushion but when it was delivered I noticed it has two individual cushions instead of one cushion straight across. Here is my new sofa and below is the West Elm Blake sectional with a bench cushion (which is the sofa I originally wanted). I decided to not order the West Elm sofa for a few reasons; it is backordered for about a month and the price between the sofa I ended up ordering and the West Elm sofa ended up being about $800 (after tax & delivery costs). I also got to choose the exact dimensions to fit my space and got free delivery since the store is local, oh and I got the sofa in the EXACT same fabric & color I wanted from West Elm! Should I have them remake it with a bench cushion or just keep it the way it is? HELP!!

And a sneak peek of MY new Erin Ashley painting (more photos to come)! I LOVE it so much and the gold canvas is a big piece I painted!

So what should I do about the cushion?

All photos taken by me except for the West Elm photo



  1. EEK!! congrats on your new sofa! the grey is gorgeous.. we have that type of L shaped sofa too.. i think you should leave it.. it's easier to clean when it's in sections.. atleast it is for me.. hehe.. eek your new painting is gorg can't wait to see the rest of it!

  2. LOVE!!! So excited about the painting, with your painting and the dark gray couch!

    If you ordered the bench cushion, you should definitely have them do it right for you. But I think it still looks great!

  3. Your new sofa looks fab, such a great colour!
    Cushion works both ways I think.
    Love the painting too.

    Abigail x

  4. Where did you get this awesome sofa?? I NEED IT!!

  5. Fabulous sofa and paintings!! Lily, I love your taste in art. I would leave the cushion unless it really bothers you!

    Art by Karena

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  6. I think you should go with the bench cushion. Here's the reason: those two cushions might slide around and wear unevenly after a couple years. But either way you're golden. That thing is a jackpot and you totally got a SCORE of a deal. Good for you!! xo-Carrie

  7. Okay I went back and stared at the two and am sticking to the bench cushion. I'm a little OCD like that. woops! hehe

  8. Love the sofa and the artwork is stunning :)
    Claudia xo

  9. Nice sofa and the artwork is gorgeous!


  10. I need a new couch too... it's so hard to choose.

    The split cushions still looks good and pretty minimalistic but even if you do get the bench cushion made you'll still be saving a small fortune compared to if you got the West Elm one. You can always use the other cushions on the floor or something and they match exactly.


  11. AHH, Love the new sofa!! Looks great. If you ordered the bench, I would have the company send the bench. I myself like the cleaner lines of the bench but either way it looks like an amazing sofa. What company did you order from if not West Elm??


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