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I have loved the maxi dress look for a while now but have not purchased one and maybe tried on only two because I felt they did not look right on my 5'1 frame. But a few nights ago I had dinner with a friend of mine and she was wearing the cutest simple black maxi dress and she's my height! I am definitely giving the maxi dress a serious looking at and now I am on the search for the perfect one. I love the flowing styles like the silk Cynthia Vincent dresses (6th photo) but think a more streamlined style would look best on me, either way I am excited to try some on! Have you tried a maxi dress yet?

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  1. I used to think that I couldn't wear them either (I'm 5'2") but I really love them! They are so great to wear in the summer :)

  2. love maxi dresses...you'll rock one!!!!

  3. Love a cute maxi dress during summer. The white Thakoon one is definitely an easy one to wear without feeling like your petite body is being overwhelmed with fabric. I also love Free People=)

  4. I love Maxi Dresses! So easy to wear and really feminine!!!
    Im your new follower!


  5. Oh I have about 6 and I'm 5-1 3/4" ;o) Love them, esp. because in the summer I can wear them during the day, but keep them on for an early dinner or happy hour. My faves are Gypsy05, Velvet, Splendid and I just got a t-bags one.

    Also espadrille wedges look really cute with them if you want the extra height!

  6. These are all amazing...am sure you'll look fab in one :))
    Claudia xo

  7. i love maxi's too!! i always shy'd alway from them because i always felt like i was too "healthy" looking for it hahahaha. i only started wearing them a month ago.. and i love them!!! they're so comfortable.. but at the same time you look so chic!

  8. obsessed with maxi dressed!! love em!

  9. the cynthia vincent one is gorgeous!!! have fun looking for the perfect dress! am sure you'll find it :)


  10. All these dresses are very pretty. There's something about the maxi dress, they are so girly, feminine and screams comfort, don't you think? I am sure you will look beautiful in one of these!


  11. even though I'm short, I still love maxi dresses. It just sucks trying to find ones that will fit my length wise without alteration. Still I am always looking out for them!

  12. I'm petite but I have about 5 maxi dresses. Just find a great pair of heels to wear with them! PS loving the Cynthia Vincent dresses.



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