metallic cowhide

Thinking of adding a metallic cowhide rug to my dining room area. I think its a great neutral piece that would also add nice texture to the room. Part of me doesn't like the idea of having a cowhide because its a cow hide but its just so pretty in metallic. Thoughts?

images via my pinterest



  1. I saw these at Calypso home after I had already gotten a zebra print one. Boo!!! I love them so much! xo

  2. It looks cool, and I'm sure if you do enough digging around, you might find one that isn't REALLY cow...if that's an issue for you. I would love one myself, whenever we move to a place without carpet (man, am I excited to be rid of carpet someday).

  3. LOVE metallic cowhides! So chic yet neutral enough to go anywhere. Get it now before you have kids! ;o)

  4. Just found your blog..love it!! And I have a metallic cowhide rug in my kitchen and love it!! It makes me happy every day, go for it!!


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