leather legs

I have to say that I really never would have imaged myself to be one to wear leather pants but this past weekend, that all changed after stopping by the current/elliott and joie sample sale. How could I possibly pass up worlds softest leather pants for $150. And did I mention that they really could not fit any better. The only problem is that now I want these pants in every color...would you give leather skinnies a try? 

images via my pinterest



  1. I have faux ones from Topshop and I would wear them every day in every color! they are so cozy and make your legs look awesome. So happy they are on trend and I hope they don't go away!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  2. Just got a pair and I've been wearing them with everything!

  3. Ugh! How did I miss a Joie sample sale?!
    Gorgeous looks Lily, LOVE.


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