rose smoke

I guess I have to accept the fact that Summer has pretty much come to an end (there might be a few more beach days ahead) but otherwise goodbye Summer! What better way to transition from Summer into Fall than surrounding yourself with some "rose smoke"...one of Pantone's Fall 2012 colors. Rose smoke is a great neutral color that pairs well with most other colors. And its a shade of pink with a hint of gray...what could be better?  

images via my pinterest



  1. One of my favorite colors. I didn't know it was such a hot color for fall. Good to know. Can I please put on that feathery/furry coat?? It is heaven!!!

  2. I totally cannot wear this color because it washes me out, but I adore it in flowers (peonies) and interiors. I want to cozy up on that sofa by the fire!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  3. wow - rose smoke is where its at. i totally want some.


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