little black jacket

I really don't think I will ever get sick of The Coveteur (aka getting to peek into the most fabulous closets around)...especially with all the Chanel they have been flaunting recently! Really, whats not to love ? This time they took a look into the closets of fashion favorites and photographed them and their classic Chanel jackets for the not yet released book "The Little Black Jacket." I can't wait to see the book !

images via the coveteur



  1. Thanks for sharing Lily!
    Those Chanel jackets are so classic and beautiful. It would be a dream come true to own one one day. :)
    Beautiful post!

  2. The Coveteur is my fave!!! I would die for any one of these jackets!!! xoxo

  3. i would LOVE to buy that book! and gah, the coveteur is seriously the best place for inspiration ( and for lusting haha!)


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