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Leather, leopard, The Gap? Doesn't really sound like it goes together, does it? I was pleasantly surprised when I randomly stopped by the Gap website last night and found some not so "basic" pieces. I cant even remember the last time I walked into a Gap store. I have seen leather jackets at the Gap before but skinny leather pants and a leather pencil skirt? Not really what comes to mind when I think of Gap clothes! There are definitely some cute pieces in the new Fall collection. But for me, its really all about the fit. These pieces might look cute on the computer screen but cute only goes so far if it doesn't fit well! Worth taking a look at though! What do you think of the new Gap pieces? 

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  1. So beautiful ! I love your blog.


  2. I haven't been in the store for quite some time either...it looks like they are amping up the style there!

  3. I need those leather trousers and skirt! All of these are lovely pieces!
    x Jess SparksandFireworks.blogspot.com

  4. I too, need the leather skirt and pants!! This looks like a great new direction for the Gap.
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  5. FABulous picks! I'd love for you to do a Sara Campbell feature!!!!


    Sara Campbell Blog

  6. Love love number 5. So pretty!

  7. I know! I've been impressed by the Gap. I bought those leopard pants. Love them. They're starting to be more Zara caliber. Me likes.

  8. I am loving the leather skinnies!
    I used to work in Gap whilst in school an they had some great pieces, I always love their shirts.

    Abigail x

  9. omg i need that black pencil skirt!

  10. Gap has definitely gotten better in the last few months. I walked into the store during my trip in Chicago and seriously fell in love with SO many things. Lots of good stuff. Great for basics.

  11. The nude blouse, and striped skirt! But I also like the idea of black leather pants, just need to try them on as you say!

  12. Just found you via The Now (fellow Olivia Palermo worshiper over here). I had NO IDEA Gap was doing stuff like this. Loving that leather pencil skirt. I'll have to stop by soon!!

  13. I just bought the cheetah pants (9) and I love them! And the fit is great! They are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. I just found your blog through The Now and I am loving it! I am a new follower.

  14. Gap is DEFINITELY stepping it up a notch..love those leather pants..really want a pair for fall/winter...just not sure how they will look on my body type..but its worth a shot!


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