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In light of my upcoming move I have been spending a lot of time thinking up ways to organize my home and jewelry organization is high up on my list! Organizing your jewelry in a functional and fashionable manner can be tricky depending on how much space you have and what type of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings). Here are some beautiful and functional ideas for organizing your jewels ! 

How do you like to display your jewels?

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  1. All beautiful options for displaying jewelry! I think they look much prettier hanging or in a cute bowl instead of hidden away !


  2. I hang all my necklaces on a fabric covered bulletin bored, and then spread out all my other jewelry onto trays and in ceramic egg crates.

    You can see the necklace hanger in my dressing room reveal...


  3. So many great options and such a timely post! I'm trying to finish up our dressing room and have been trying to decide how to display my chunkier necklaces. Some great inspiration in these images!

  4. Ooo great ideas! My favorite is the canvas board though.

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

  5. I really need to find a place to store my jewelry, it's so messy!! xx

    please check out my blog, maybe? :)

  6. Some great ideas!!! I currently have my jewels in tea cups but I love the idea of the picture frame for my necklaces!!

    Thanks for sharing!!



  7. I love hanging my necklaces on hooks. Keeps them untangled and displays them like art!
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  8. Such inspiring images! This is something I definitely need to master, my jewelry always ends up twisted and knotted together!

  9. These ideas are brilliant! My jewellery is everywhere, definitely inspired! xoxo

  10. i need a better way of organizing my jewelry.. i love how that one person draped her jewelry on the lamp shade! all of my jewelry is bunched up together in multiple jewelry boxes.. which is why i can never find anything. and end up wearing the same 3 pieces of jewelry ARG!

  11. I have half a wall dedicated to my jewelry in my closet! LOL, it totally is important :) Love your blog!

  12. I want one like the fifth one, that blue is wonderful! I really have to do something like this, bc I have a huge mess!

  13. nice inspirations! it is always difficult to find a good place for jewellry

  14. These are all really good ideas - I hang all mine from my mirror, as well as lots of little bowls - I love it all on display.

  15. I love the image of the jewelery in the teacups and saucers so cute and delicate.
    I always think you should have your jewelery on display otherwise I find you forget what gorgeous pieces you have hidden away.

    Abigail x

    P.S Thanks so much for becoming my new follower!

  16. such good inspiration! my jewel are just flung all over the place! and need better displays ha..a working progress!


  17. love the photos and the accessories!!

  18. First of all, congrats on the move! Moving is so exciting.

    I love the idea of being able to see your jewelry. I never wear half my stuff because its hidden in drawers!

  19. wonderful ideas! i love everything!

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  20. great post and really good ideas to keep jewlery :)

  21. Beautiful! Kisses!
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  22. Great post! I keep my jewels in Ladurée boxes :)

  23. oh how i love that first idea! if only i had that many fabulous necklaces to display. still, jewelry is far to pretty to be kept hidden away in a box :)

  24. Beautiful Post!
    You know what I did..I went to Pier I Imports, and bought the cutest (supposed to be used as a clothes rack)..but I use it for my jewelery instead, cuz I have many long pearls and it works and looks great!
    I love the blue frame around..so pretty!
    Best of luck!


  25. I have been struggling for years, trying to find an idea or a way to organize all of my necklaces without causing them to tangle. This is an amazing post for that reason. I love all of the ideas that you have displayed here. I especially love the jewelry hanging in the printers tray, what a unique idea to display earrings and bracelets!

    Anyways, it would mean a lot to me if you would check out my blog and give me your opinion on it, I appreciate all comments and whatnot. Tell me what you think!



  26. Love the inspirations!



  27. Great idea!
    I'm going to use the turquoise frame one in my apartment!


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